Pharma and veterinary Manufacturing company

K-cm is a ketoconazole with cetrimide soap which is an antifungal composition to fight infections. K-cm soap. Kcm soap is recommended to people with skin problems such as rashes and psorasis etc. It is also beneficial in skin allergies.
We manufacture pharma and herbal products such as pharma tablets, pharma capsules, pharma syrups, pharma injectables, pharma softgels, pharma ointments, food supplements, veterinary bolus, veterinary feed supplements, veterinary injections, veterinary liquids, herbal capsules, herbal syrups, herbal tablets, herbal oils, herbal powders, herbal tonics and herbal cosmetic products

Herbal soap manufacturer

Neem tulsi soap is a herbal soap which kills germs and bacterias from body. Neem tulsi soap rejuvenates the skin and you feel fresh afte using it.

Perosnal care products manufacturer in haryana.

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Female hygiene wash

Prowash is a female hygiene wash which helps to clean vagina and maintain hygiene. Generally thwre is high risk of vaginal infections if proper hygiene is not maintained. Prowash helps to prevent infection. Prowash consists of lactic acid bacillus, tea tree extract and sea buckthorn.
Prowash maintains 3.5 pH level in the intimate area.

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Neem Tulsi face wash

Neem tulsi face wash is a natural organic facewash which helps purify skin and removes acnes and pimples. Neem tulsi facewash has many ingredients which are full of medicinal quality.
Take out some neem tulsi face wash. Rub it on face. Make some lather and then rinse the face. You will find dirt free skin.

We are personal care products manufacturer located at Barwala, Haryana. It’s near to Panchkula. We provide personal care product manufacturing services and personal care products franchise to our client

Veterinary feed supplement Manufacturer

Veterinary feed supplements available for franchise promotion and contact manufacturing.

Plant Location – Panchkula, Haryana

We are one of the premier and celebrated brand in veterinary domestic market.

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We are veterinary feed supplement Manufacturer located at Panchkula, Haryana.

We manufacture

1 Veterinary feed calcium

2 Veterinary calcium gel

3 Veterinary liver tonic

4 Veterinary mineral mixture

5 Veterinary dextrose with mecobalamine

6 veterinary uterine cleaner

7 Mastitis powder

8 prebiotic & probiotic bolus

9 Herbal anti tick spray

Personal care products franchise

We have launched personal care products franchise range. Get in touch with us to get 10+1 scheme.

*Benefits for you*
1) 10+1 scheme available.

2) There is more available of OTC counter rather than Doctor and chemist.

3) These products can also be promoted in SUPER MARKETS, BEAUTY PARLOURS, CHEMIST & PROVISION STORES.

4) Market size are quite huge.

5) Schemes plus discounted prices available

6) Soon we are launching Men grooming range.

We provide pharma pcd franchise, veterinary pcd pharma franchise, herbal medicine franchise, personal care products franchise and contract manufacturing services. We are located in Chandigarh.

Ketoconazole with coal tar solution

KETOCONAZOLE WITH COALTAR is a unique combination prevailing in the market.
Ketoconazole with zpto has turned out to be regular and old school combination now.

Ketoconazole with coal tar lotion/shampoo is powerful and more effective combination which can be applied anywhere in hair and skin.

It helps to prevent psoriasis of skin and scalp . Apply thrice a week for better results. It can be used as shampoo as well

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Veterinary feed manufacturers

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Nualter Herbovet is veterinary feed manufacturer located in Barwala, Panchkula. It manufactures veterinary calcium, calcium gel, Mineral mixture, veterinary liver tonic, uterine cleaner, veterinary energy booster and different compositions of vitamin H (Biotin) for good health of cattle. Being veterinary feed products manufacturer, Nualter Herbovet believes in providing top class quality products with efficient and timely services. It is highly ethical veterinary manufacturing concern which follows all the recommended procedures to maintain good hygiene at the work place. It manufactures goods to enhance health and milk production of cattle. We have Gmp, Glp , ISO and Crisil certification.Nualter Herbovet understands it’s responsibility towards good and health of cattle considering them equal to human beings. It also provides veterinary pcd franchise in all districts of India. It provides monopoly rights to its franchisee for a district. As veterinary pcd franchise company, it provides visual aids, literatures, samples, hand towel and note pads.Our aim is to manufacture top quality veterinary feed products to promote milk production in cattles, to enhance their overall health, to give energy to mother cow after delivery and to support the growth of healthy embryo.

Charcoal face wash manufacturers

ZERO-DIRT is an activated Bamboo charcoal face wash. Charcoal has certain properties which extracts dirt, oil, acnes and provide glowing skin instantly.

Get rid of oily and dirty skin with ZERO-DIRT face wash. Charcoal has carbon as an ingredient which attracts dirt, dust and impurities from skin.

Charcoal face wash targets deep down impurities to defend against daily build up – like dirt, oil and make up for a truly deep clean. It cleanses and smoothes skin

Suggested use –

Apply on wet face, gently massage in with finger tips while avoiding eye contour. Rinse off. Use daily for effective results.

Apart from charcoal it contains Aloevera as well


  1. Removes moisture
  2. Cleanses pores
  3. Removes pollution


Nualter is a personal care products manufacturer located at chandigarh. We manufacture huge range which includes face wash, gels, oils, scrubs, lotions, body wash, men grooming range.


Cosmetic pcd franchise

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